SBX Marine Group is targeted at those who are accustomed to exceptional customer service and experiences corporate raiders, titans of industry, or the exceptionally privileged that live a carefree lifestyle, whether onboard a superyacht, globetrotting on a Gulfstream, staying over in one of the exclusive luxury marinas around the globe, or as an esteemed guest in the Presidential Suite of a 7-star resort. Our goal from the onset has been to elevate and create a superlative boat owning experience. We have created relationships throughout the globe and can support our clients for any of their boat & yachting needs. SBX Marine Group delivers impeccable services ranging from acquisition, sales, consultation, production & custom builds, charter, and or boat/yacht management. SBX Marine Group is a marine consultancy that specializes in custom, recreational and commercial boat manufacturing. Specialty components for professional maritime operators. SBX Marine Group delivers specialty services that cater to the luxury boat, yacht, and commercial marine sector. SBX Marine Group serves as a marketing, sales, service, support, and distribution channel.